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Agriculture, Rural Development and Resource Management The programme area has continued to focus on reforms and trade liberalisation in the agricultural sector, initiated more than a decade ago. Recent studies on issues relating to the WTO Agreement on Agriculture (AoA), rural infrastructure, rural credit, and rural development have tried to carry forward the research agenda of the programme area.
Yet there are several issues connected to the pricing of inputs as well as the output, marketing, distribution, processing, rural infrastructure, credit, investments and social protection that need to be dealt with to manage the process of globalisation.
In the future policy agenda on Indian agriculture, these issues will need to be addressed in a holistic manner to improve the well being of the rural masses and eradicate poverty. This is particularly true for India where some 72 per cent of the people still live in rural areas.
As the process of liberalisation deepens, there would be significant changes, which will have important implications for the economy, including the rural sector. The likely benefits to the country from these changes can be substantial, if necessary investments (both public as well as private) are made, and more proactive steps are taken to safeguard those groups that are adversely affected in the short run in this process. To formulate a comprehensive reform programme encompassing all issues related to rural economy - investments, pricing, marketing, distribution, processing, and delivery - a lot of serious research efforts are needed. The Kisan Credit Card Scheme: Impact, Weaknesses, Further Reforms
The programme area plans to focus on these issues, which would require endowment grants and long-term committed research grants to carry out independent research to help policymakers and help build public opinion.
  Core Themes
Reforms in the agricultural sector and agreement on agriculture (AoA) under the WTO
Price policy and public distribution system (PDS)
Land consolidation, fragmentation and optimal land-use plans
Rural infrastructure and agro-processing
Irrigation and watershed management
Changing food baskets and their impact on production patterns
  Recent Projects
Agricultural Outlook and Situation Analysis for Food Security
Incorporating International Best Practices in the Preparation of Agricultural Outlook and Situation Analysis Reports for India
Food Grain Stocking Policy for India
India’s Cotton Revolution: Outcomes and Insights
Capturing the Potential of Greenhouse Gas Offsets in Indian Agriculture
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Assesment of Supply-Demand Balance of Foodgrains and Other Food Items over the Medium Term Future
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Policy Reforms in the Sugar Sector: Implications for Gur and Khandsari Industry
Study of Fertiliser Consumption and Agricultural Output
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