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RE13001 Fiscal Issues and Allocative Efficiency
Author(s): Rajesh Chadha,Sourabh Bikas Paul and Anjali Tandon
Published in July,2012
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RE010033 Caste in a Different Mould: Understanding the Discrimination
Author(s): Rajesh Shukla, Sunil Jain and Preeti Kakkar
Published in January,2010
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RE010032 India in the G20: Macroeconomic Policy Coordination, Regulation and Global Governance
Published in January,2010
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RE010030 Developing State level Input-Output Tables: Multiplier Analysis for Karnataka, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand
Author(s): Anushree Sinha
Published in January,2009
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RE010031 The Next Urban Frontier: Twenty Cities to Watch,
Author(s): Rajesh Shukla & Roopa Purushothaman
Published in July,2008
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RE010019 The indian state in transition
Author(s): J.L.Bajaj
Published in December,2001
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RE010028 Small scale industry policy in india: a critical evaluation
Author(s): Rakesh Mohan
Published in December,2001
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RE010026 Economic and policy reforms in india
Author(s): #
Published in August,2001
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RE010025 A policy model for open market operation of wheat
Author(s): Anil Sharma, Nilabja Ghosh and Parmod Kumar
Published in July,2001
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RE010022 Growth and development of the it industry in bangalore and singapore - a comparative study
Author(s): Chia Siow Yue and Nick J. Freeman and R. Venkatesan and S. V. Malvea
Published in April,2001
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RE010002 People's perception towards science and technology
Author(s): R.K. Shukla
Published in January,2001
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RE010017 Human development profile of scs and sts in rural india
Author(s): G.Chakrabarty and P.K. Ghosh
Published in November,2000
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RE010010 Health insurance for workers in the informal sector: detailed results from a pilot study
Author(s): Anil Gumber and Veena Kulkarni
Published in July,2000
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RE010012 Unorganized manufacturing sector in the national economy and gujarat state: an analysis of its growth dynamics and contribution to national income
Author(s): N. Lalitha
Published in July,2000
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RE010009 Issues in estimating income and employment in informal manufacturing : study of ceramicware industry in gujarat
Author(s): Keshab Das
Published in June,2000
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RE010008 uma rani and jeemol unni
Author(s): May 2000
Published in May,2000
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RE010014 Urban informal sector: size and income generation processes in gujarat part i
Author(s): Jeemol Unni
Published in April,2000
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RE010018 India's agricultural exports in the post uruguay round set up
Author(s): Bibek Debroy
Published in March,2000
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RE010016 Meeting india's petroleum requirements demand projections 2001-02 and 2006-07 meeting india's petroleum requirements demand projections 2001-02 and 2006-07
Author(s): Vivek Srivastava, Ramprasad Sengupta
Published in March,2000
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RE010015 Study on policy competition among states in india for attracting direct investment
Author(s): R. Venkatesan
Published in January,2000
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RE010001 Impact evaluation of operation flood on rural dairy sector
Author(s): NCAER
Published in December,1999
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RE010013 Informal sector in india: a study of household saving behaviour
Author(s): B. K. Pradhan, P.K. Roy and M.R. Saluja
Published in August,1999
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