International Workshop 


Columbia–NCAER Conference on
Trade, Poverty, Inequality and Democracy



March 31-April 1, 2011

The Claridges Hotel, New Delhi, India 



8.15−8.45 am
Registration and Welcome Tea

8.45–9.00 am
Welcome to the Conference

Introduction: Shashanka Bhide, NCAER
Welcome Remarks: Jagdish Bhagwati, Columbia University and Suman Bery, NCAER

9.00−11.00 am
Session I: Trade, Poverty and the Socially Disadvantaged Groups

Chair: Vijay Kelkar, Chairman, National Stock Exchange and Chairman, Forum of Federation

Paper 1: Trade Liberalization and Poverty Reduction: New Evidence from Indian States      Presentation
              J.S. Cain (Missouri), Rana Hasan (ADB) and Devashish Mitra (Syracuse)

Paper 2: Growth, Openness and the Socially Disadvantaged
               Megha Mukim (LSE) and Arvind Panagariya (Columbia)

Discussants:   Suresh Tendulkar, Member, Centre for Development Economics, Delhi School  of Economics and ICSSR
                      National Fellow, Institute of Economic Growth                        

                       K. Sundaram, Centre for Development Economics, Delhi School of Economics

Morning Tea / Coffee 11.00−11.30 am

11.30 am – 12.45 pm
Session II: Inequality and Trade

Chair: Pradeep Mehta, Secretary General, CUTS

 Paper 3: Trade and Inequality in India
Pravin Krishna (Johns Hopkins) and Guru Sethupathy (Johns Hopkins)

Discussants: Jagdish Bhagwati (Columbia) and Rana Hasan (ADB)

Lunch 12.45−2.00 pm

2.00−2.15 pm
Chair: Shashanka Bhide, NCAER

Presentation of the NCAER
 “Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research”, Special Issue on
International Trade Policy by Guest Editor Rajesh Chadha to Jagdish Bhagwati


2.15−3.30 pm
Session III: Liberalization and Competition

Chair: Shashanka Bhide, NCAER

Paper 4: Does Liberalization Promote Competition?
               Laura Alfaro (Harvard) and Anusha Chari (North Carolina)

Discussants: Pravin Krishna (Johns Hopkins)

Afternoon Tea/ Coffee 3.30−3.45 pm

3.45−5.45 pm
Session IV: The Services Sector

Chair: BJ Panda, Member of Parliament

Paper 5: Organized Retailing in India: Issues and Outlook
              Rajeev Kohli (Columbia) and Jagdish Bhagwati (Columbia)

Paper 6: Services Growth in India: Looking Inside the Black Box
Rajeev Dehejia (Tufts) and Arvind Panagariya (Columbia)

Discussants: Thomas Reardon (Michigan State) and Rupa Chanda (IIM, Bangalore)


Evening Program at HOTEL SHANGRI-LA

7.00−9.30 pm
Invited Guest Lecture

Chair: Arvind Panagariya, Columbia University and Suman Bery, NCAER

Speaker: Nandan Nilekani, Chairman, UIDAI

"Aadhaar and its Role in Inclusive Growth"

Dinner follows the lecture


Day 2: April 1, 2011

 9.00−10.15 am
Session V: Reforms and Election Outcomes

Chair: Bimal Jalan, Former Governor, RBI; Chairman, Centre for Development Studies; and    Honorary Fellow, NCAER

Paper 7: India: Election Outcomes and Economic Performance
Poonam Gupta (ICRIER) and Arvind Panagariya (Columbia)

Discussant: Surjit Bhalla (Oxus Investments)

10.15−11.30 am
Session VI: Effects of Privatization

Chair: Govinda Rao, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy

Paper 8: Selling the Family Silver to Pay the Grocer’s Bill? The Case of Privatization in India
               Nandini Gupta (Indiana)

Discussant: Shankar Acharya, Honorary Professor, ICRIER

Morning Tea/ Coffee 11.30−11.45 am

11.45−1.15 pm
Panel on Economic Reforms: The Unfinished Agenda

Chair: Arvind Panagariya (Columbia)

Panelists: Amit Mitra (FICCI), Rakesh Mohan (Yale), T.N. Ninan (Business Standard) and N.K. Singh (Member of Parliament)

Lunch 1.15−2.30 pm
End of Conference



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