Twelfth Annual NCAER-NBER-ICRIER Neemrana Conference





Neemrana Fort Palace Resort, Rajasthan, India




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The Annual NCAER-NBER-ICRIER Neemrana Conference is held at the Neemrana Fort Palace Resort in Rajasthan, India. The conference is organised jointly by the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER), New Delhi and National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) of Cambridge, MA. In 2008 the Indian Council for Research in International Economic Relations (ICRIER) also joined this initiative as a partner institution.

The conference brings together Indian policy makers, researchers, regulators and other professionals to interact with leading American researchers and policy makers associated with NBER. The conference is informal and off-the-record to allow free discussions on current issues related to economic policy and research covering a range of topics including macro economy (monetary and fiscal policy), international trade, banking and finance, privatisation, regulation, economic reforms, employment, poverty, social sector and delivery of services. As is evident from the list, current and on-going problems facing the policy makers are selected as themes and discussion is focussed around these themes.

This year's conference was the twelfth such conference in the series and was held from December 18 to 20 2010.