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NCAER is an independent, non-profit research institution
that is committed to assist government, civil society and the private sector to make informed policy choices. The Council encourages research on Indian themes using Indian data.
NCAER is dedicated to the goal of connectivity and seeks to establish interlinkages with research institutions interested in the areas of industry and infrastructure development, macroeconomic analysis and human development. "
Graphical indication of Economic Analysis The National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) was established in 1956 as a registered society. As a premier applied economics research institute in the country NCAER is committed to enhance public awareness of policy issues in business and economics and to facilitate solutions that will contribute to overall national development. By publishing the findings of its research, and through the active participation of its senior staff in media and policy, it aims to bring new knowledge to attention of policy makers.
NCAER has an interdisciplinary team of researchers capable of generating large scale primary data and independent analyses at national, state, sectoral, industry and firm levels. The chief executive of the Council is its Director-General and its members include state governments, public sector corporations, corporate houses and other associations and institutions. The Governing Body is elected by the Members and includes prominent persons from government, industry and academia.
A broad theme that permeates the Council's current research activities is the progress of India's economic reform programme and its impact on agriculture, industry and human development. An emerging focus is rigorous evaluation of major government public expenditure schemes in the social sector, at both state and union levels.
New areas being considered include analysis of social security and social protection issues; health economics; and the economics of the " new economy " , particularly information technology and biotechnology. The Council also has an emerging specialisation in gender issues. Image to indicate biotechnology
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