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Sixth Annual India Policy Forum


14 - 15 July  2009

Jacaranda, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi



Programme (PDF)

List of Participants (PDF)

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India Policy Forum, 2009 Public Lecture

Speaker:  Prof. Guillermo Calvo, Columbia University

Topic: "Lessons from Systemic Financial Crises: With Special Reference to Emerging Markets" 

(Presentation (PPT )


Chair:  Nandan Nilekani

Chief Guest:  Montek Singh Ahluwalia

Comments:  Bimal Jalan




Conference Papers


Paper 1

Patnaik, Ila (NIPFP),  Ajay Shah, (NIPFP)
Why India Choked, when Lehman broke : (Paper (PDF) / Presentation (PDF))

Chair : Guillermo Calvo, Columbia University

Discussants : Eswar Prasad, Brookings Institution & Cornell University  

                          Abhijit Banerjee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 



Paper 2

Sugata Marjit, (Centre for Studies in Social Sciences)
Global Crisis and the Indian Economy - On a Few Unconventional Assertion : (Paper (PDF) /  Presentation (PPT)  

Chair : Pranab Bardhan, University of California



Paper 3

Anusha Chari, (University of North Carolina), Laura Alfaro, (Harvard Business School and NBER)
India Transformed? Insights from the Firm Level 1988-2007  (Paper (PDF)Presentation (PDF))

Chair : Isher Ahluwalia, ICRIER

Discussants : Robert Lawrence,  John F. Kennedy School of Government (Presentation (PPT))

                          Shashanka Bhide, NCAER 



Paper 4

Arvind Panagariya, (Columbia University)
Climate Change and India : Implications and Policy Options  (Paper (PDF)Presentation (PPT))

Chair :  Shankar Acharya, ICRIER

Discussants : Vijay Joshi,  University of Oxford (Presentation (PPT))

                          Devesh Kapur, University of Pennsylvania  

                          Jessica Wallack, Institute of Financial Management and Research (Presentation (PPT))



Paper 5

Rajnish Mehra, (University of California)
Indian Equity Markets: Measures of Fundamental Value (Paper (PDF)Presentation (PDF))

Chair :  Arvind Virmani, ICRIER

Discussants : Ajay Shah,  National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (Presentation (PPT))

                          Surjit Bhalla, Oxus Investments Pvt Ltd.  (Presentation (PPT))