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Fifth Annual India Policy Forum


15 - 16 July  2008

Jacaranda, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi




Programme (PDF)

14th July, 2008: Photo Gallery  

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India Policy Forum, 2008 Public Lecture

Speaker:  Prof. W. Max Corden, University of Melbourne

Topic: "India and the World Economy: From Friend to Foe? India, the World Economy and the Current Oil Shock" 

(Paper (PDF )



Chief Guest:  Bimal Jalan




Conference Papers


Session 1

Eswar Prasad, (Cornell University)
 Some New Perspectives on India's Approach to Capital Account Liberalisation : (Paper (PDF)  /  Presentation (PPT))

Chair : Anne O. Krueger, NBER

Discussants : John Williamson, Peterson Institute for International Economics  (Presentation (PPT))

                          Partha Sen,, Delhi School of Economics  (Presentation (PPT))



Session 2

Abhijit Sen Gupta, (The World Bank and ICRIER)
The Cost of Holding Excess Reserves: Evidence from India  : (Paper (PDF)  /  Presentation (PDF))

Chair : W. Max Corden, University of Melbourne

Discussants : Kenneth Kletzer, University of California  (Presentation (PPT))

                          Vijay Joshi, University of Oxford  



Panel Discussion

Santiago Levy, (Inter-American Development Bank)
"Good Intentions: Bad Outcomes": (Presentation (PPT))

Introduction by : Raj Desai, Wolfensohn Center, Brookings Institution

Chief Guest : Montek S. Ahluwalia, Indian Planning Commission

Discussants : Ravi Kanbur, Cornell University 

                          Devesh Kapur, University of Pennsylvania 



Session 3

Poonam Gupta, (Delhi School of Economics), Rana Hasan, (Asian Development Bank), Utsav Kumar, (The Conference Board)
Big Reforms but Small Payoffs: Explaining the Weak Record of Growth and Employment in Indian Manufacturing  (Paper (PDF)  /  Presentation (PPT))

Chair : Shankar Acharya, ICRIER

Discussants : T. N. Srinivasan, Yale University  

                          Rajiv Kumar, ICRIER 



Session 4

Renu Kohli, (International Monetary Fund)
What Explains India's Real Appreciation?  (Paper (PDF)  /  Presentation (PPT))

Chair : Isher Ahluwalia, ICRIER

Discussants : Robert Lawrence, Kennedy School of Government  (Presentation (PPT))

                          Sisira Jayasuriya, La Trobe University  (Presentation (PPT))



Session 5

Sonalde Desai, (University of Maryland), Amaresh Dubey, (Jawaharlal Nehru University), Reeve Vanneman, (University of Maryland), Rukmini Banerji, (Pratham)
Private Schooling in India: A New Educational Landscape : (Paper (PDF)  /  Presentation (PPT))

Chair : Santiago Levy, IADB

Discussants : Kashik Basu, Cornell University  (Presentation (PPT))

                          Abhijit Bannerjee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (Presentation (PPTX))