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Image of Computer Center The Computer Centre manages the Computer Network of NCAER. We have successfully implemented state-of-the-art solutions for e-mailing, internet access, and a network backup system.
The Centre is equipped with high-end servers, including four dual-processor IBM PC Server 330, a Netfinity1000, a four-way-SMP IBM RS-6000/F50 Server, and an HP-9000/715 server connected to the network.
The Computer Centre thus plays a critical role in managing the information technology requirements of a large, knowledge-based research organisation like NCAER. Image of Computer Center
IT Upgradation was made possible with financial assistance from the World Bank under it's TA programme, funded through ICICI and a grant from the International Development Research Centre(IDRC) on IT Upgradation.
The Computer Centre's responsibilities include:
Data Processing: To facilitate the faster input of data collected from surveys, NCAER has an automatic data scanning system which allows information to be transferred to the computer directly from filled-in questionnaires.
Data Warehousing: NCAER has installed one RS-6000/F-50, a four-way-SMP Unix Server for its Data Warehousing applications.
IT Training: Overall IT skill updating is an important activity at NCAER, including topics such as Unix, HTML Programming, MS Project, and advanced training on Microsoft Networking.
Preserving Project Related Databases and Maintaining a Backup System: The Computer Centre is responsible for maintaining the databases of all completed projects.Backup of any of the client machines installed throughout the LAN can be taken regularly from the server present at the Computer Centre or on CD using our CD-Writer.
We have installed econometric software such as: GAMS, SHAZAM, STATA, E-views, Micro-Fit, GAMEPACK, and the following databases: Prowess, Vans Com, and India Trade. We have installed a data scanning system using Teleform Elite 5.4. Two networked accounting software have been implemented for Financial Accounting and Payroll System.
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