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Image indicating NCAER activities NCAER has done pioneering research work in areas of applied economics with an emphasis on policy analysis and application of modern quantitative techniques to development issues, regional development and planning, household income, consumption, savings /investment and energy.
  NCAER Activities
Develop policy reports for clients.
To examine domestic agricultural market structures, price policy, linkages between agricultural price policy and poverty, and, the role of the Panchayats in fostering sustainable development.
Track key sectors of the economy for subscribers
Forecast the economic outlook
Conduct, design, and analyse surveys that illuminate public policy issues as well as assist private sector decisions
Disseminate research findings
NCAER depends on contract research with the government, the private sector and the non-government sector and institutions at the national and international levels. Sponsors for the different studies undertaken by the Council include the central and state governments, public and private corporations, and international organisations such as CIDA, IDRC, Ford Foundation, UNDP and the World Bank.
  Research Areas
NCAER's research programme areas include
  Growth, Trade, and Economic Management  
Assessments of the current state of the economy
Short-term forecasts through computable general equilibrium (CGE) Models
Medium-term forecasts through econometric models
Monitoring of cyclical patterns in key variables that affect industrial, financial and international trade activity
Quarterly Review
Growth, Trade, and Economic Management
  Investment Climate, Physical and Economic Infrastructure  
Policy issues relevant to industry, infrastructure and international economic cooperation
Sectoral studies that evaluate the competitiveness of industry
Impact of economic liberalisation on infrastructure development
Conduct of sample surveys and statistical analysis of data for different types of research studies
Market Information Survey of Households (MISH)
Tracking consumer demographics and consumption patterns across product categories
Investment Climate, Fiscal and Economic Infrastructure
  Agriculture, Rural Development, and Resource Management  
Reforms in the agricultural sector and agreement on agriculture (AoA) under the WTO
Price policy and public distribution system (PDS)
Land consolidation, fragmentation and optimal land-use plans
Rural infrastructure and agro-processing
Irrigation and watershed management
Changing food baskets and their impact on production patterns
Agriculture, Rural Development, and Resource Management
  Household Behaviour, Poverty, Human Development, Informality, and Gender  
Evaluation of poverty and employment - focus on informal sector employment
Sectoral studies in population and demographic transition
Morbidity and health economics
Economics of education
Gender studies
Household Behaviour, Poverty, Human Development, Informality, and Gender
In addition to its research capabilities, NCAER has a unique position in the country for designing and executing large-scale sample surveys on regional and human development as well as a large range of consumer products. NCAER has built up a rich database on economic and commercial data. Its clients include government ministries, The Planning Commission, state governments, public and private sector companies and international agencies.
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