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Sonalde Desai  
Senior Fellow
E-mail :
Ph.D. (Sociology) Stanford University
M.A. (Sociology) Case Western Reserve University
B.A. (Sociology and Political Science) University of Bombay
  Research Interests
Population Studies
Social Inequality
  Selected Publications
Desai, S., Dubey, A., Joshi, B. L., Sen, M., Shariff, A. & Vanneman R. (2010). Human Development in India: Challenges for a Society in Transition, in press. New Delhi, Oxford University Press.
Desai, S. & Andrist, L. (forthcoming). Gender Scripts and Age at Marriage in India. Demography.
Desai, S. & Kulkarni, V. (2009). Unequal Playing Field: Socio-Religious Inequalities in Educational Attainment in India, in A. Shariff and R. Basant (eds.) Muslims of India: Empirical Perspectives. New Delhi, Oxford University Press.
Desai, S. Adams, C. & Dubey, A. (2009). Segmented Schooling: Inequalities in Primary Education, in S. Thorat and K. Newman (eds.) Blocked by Caste: Discrimination and Social Exclusion in Modern India. New Delhi, Oxford University Press
Desai, S. Dubey, A., Vanneman, R. & Banerji, R. (2009). Private Schooling in India: A New Landscape, in S. Berry, B. Bosworth and A. Panagariya (eds.) India Policy Forum. New Delhi, Sage, 5, 1-58.
Desai, S. & Banerji, M. (2008). Negotiated Identities: Male Migration and Left Behind Wives in India. Journal of Population Research, 25(3), 337-355.
Desai, S. (2007). "Indian Middle Class" in Basu, Kaushik (Ed.) Oxford Companion to Economics in India. New Delhi: Oxford University Press
Desai, S. & Maitreyi Bordia Das. (2004) "Is Employment Driving India's Growth Surge?" Economic and Political Weekly, 39:345-351.
Desai, S & R. Kanakia. (2004) "Indian Americans: Portrait of a Diasporic Community." Seminar, 538:48-52.
Bloch, F., Rao, V. & Desai, S. (2004). Wedding Celebrations as Conspicuous Consumption: Signaling Social Status in Rural India. Journal of Human Resources, 39, 675-695.
Das, M. B. & S. Desai. "Why are Educated Women Less Likely to be Employed in India? Testing Competing Hypotheses." Social Protection Discussion Paper Series No. 0313. Washington, D.C.: The World Bank.
Desai, S. "A Tale of Two Middle Classes," in proceedings of National Sample Survey 50th Anniversary Proceedings, New Delhi, India.
Sathar, Z. and S. Desai. (2000) "Class and Gender in Rural Pakistan: Differentials in Economic Activity." In Garcia, Brigida (Ed.) Women, Poverty and Demographic Change. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Desai, S. (2000). Maternal Education and Child Health: A Feminist Dilemma. Feminist Studies, 26(2), 425-446.
Desai, S. & Alva, S. (1998). Maternal Education and Child Health: Is there a Strong Causal Relationship?. Demography, 35, 71-81.
Desai, S. (1995). When Are Children In Large Families Disadvantaged? Evidence from Cross-National Analysis. Population Studies, 49, 195-210.
Desai, S. & Jain, D. (1994). Maternal Employment and Changes in Family Dynamics: The Social Context of Women's Work in Rural South India. Population and Development Review, 20,115-136.
Desai, S. (1994) Gender Inequality and Demographic Behavior: India. New York: The Population Council.
Desai, S. (1992). Children at Risk: The Role of Family Structure in Latin America and West Africa. Population and Development Review, 18, 689-717.
Lloyd, C. & Desai, S. (1992). Children's Living Arrangements in Developing Countries. Population Research and Policy Review, 11,193-216.
Desai, S. & Waite, L. (1991). Women's Employment during Pregnancy and After the First Birth: Occupational Characteristics and Work Commitment. American Sociological Review, 56, 551-566.
Desai, S., Chase-Lansdale, P. L. & Michael, R. T. (1989). Mother or Market? Effects of Maternal Employment on Intellectual Development of Four-Year-Old Children. Demography, 26, 545-562.
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