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Rajesh Chadha
Senior Fellow
E-mail :
Ph.D. (Economics) 
  Research Interests
International Trade
Agricultural Markets
Foreign Direct Investment
Multilateral and Regional Trade Issues
GST and Economic Efficiency
  Current Projects
Fiscal Issues and Allocative Efficiency: National Transport Development Policy Committee (NTDPC)

Facilitating Efficient Agricultural Markets in India: An Assessment of Competition and Regulatory Reform Requirements (ACIAR)

BRIC Annual Conference Series, Global Institute – Brookings Institution, Washington, DC, New Economic School, Moscow and Tsinghua University, Beijing (BP)
Regular contributions to MACROTRACK, Quarterly Review of the Economy and MARGIN - publications of NCAER

Preparing publication of collection of my papers in the World Scientific series of Studies in International Economics, Editor – Prof. Robert M. Stern, University of Michigan

  Select Publications and Working Papers
"Moving to goods and services Tax in India: Impact on India’s Growth and International Trade", Working Paper 103, 2010, NCAER.
"Liberalising Border Trade: Implications for Domestic Agricultural Markets", co-author, paper accepted for publication as a Chapter in "Reclaiming Development in the World Trading System", Editor Y.S. Lee, forthcoming 2007, Kluwer law International.
"Growth Interdependence among Indian States: An Exploration", co-authored with Shashanka Bhide and Kaliappa Kalirajan, Asia-Pacific Development Journal, 12(2), December 2005.
"FTAs and Doha Development Round: Asian Response to EEU and FTAA", Global Economy Journal, 5(4), 2005, Berkeley Electronic Press.
"The Temporary Movement of Workers - GATS Mode 4", Chapter 3 in L. Alan Winters and Pradeep S. Mehta, Bridging the Differences: Analysis of Five Issues of the WTO Agenda, CUTS, EUIAS and University of Sussex, 2004.
"Should a US-India FTA Be Part of India's Trade Strategy?" India Policy Forum, co-author, NCAER, New Delhi and Brookings Institution Press, Washington, DC, 2004.
"Services Issues and Liberalization in the Doha Round", chapter 4 in India and the WTO: A Strategy for Development, editors Aaditya Mattoo and Robert M. Stern, Trade and Development Series, the World Bank and the OUP, 2003.
"Computational Analysis of the Impact on India of the Uruguay Round and the Doha Round of Negotiations", co-author, chapter 2 in India and the WTO: A Strategy for Development, editors Aaditya Mattoo and Robert M. Stern, Trade and Development Series, the World Bank and the OUP, 2003.
"Canada-India Trade: Retrospect and Prospect", co-author, NCAER, New Delhi and Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, September 2003.
"Trade Reforms and Trends", in India: New Economy - Old Economy, 2001, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Government of Australia.
"GATS and Developing Countries: A Case Study of India", in Stern, Robert M. (ed.) Services in the International Economy, University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, 2001.
"Developing Countries and the Next Round of the WTO Negotiations", World Economy, co-author, 23(4), April 2000.
"The Impact of Trade and Domestic Policy Reforms in India: A CGE Modelling Approach", co-author, University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, 1998.
"A Key Sector of Indian Economy: Systems View of Steel Industry", Ph.D. thesis published, Concept Publishers, New Delhi, 1989.
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