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NCAER: Agriculture, Rural Development and Resource Management

NCAER: Household Behavior, Poverty, Human Development, Informality and Gender

Research Focus: Agriculture, Rural Development and Resource Management Research Focus: Household Behavior, Poverty, Human Development, Informality and Gender

Articles in Media 

Sonalde Desai: Cereal indiscretions
Sonalde Desai: Food security in the time of inflation
Sonalde Desai, Debasis Barik and Tushar Agrawal: Poorly performing public services
Sonalde Desai, Omkar Joshi and Reeve Vanneman: Employer of the last resort?
Sonalde Desai: Declining sex ratios seen in gender scorecard
PK Ghosh/PK Roy/Mythili Bhusnurmath: How the savings cookie crumbles
Rachna Sharma: As a Counter- View, Here's how States Fare on the Misery Index
Shekhar Shah: Moving from charity to responsibility - The rules for India's new companies act
Shashanka Bhide and Purna Chandra Parida: Five-Year Plan: The difference between five and eight per cent
Shashanka Bhide: Was expecting GDP growth to be better than 4.8%
Shashanka Bhide: NCAER sees silver lining despite gloomy biz scenario
Sonalde Desai: Like flowers and chocolates?
Sonalde Desai: Will the drought hit rural demand?
Sonalde Desai: Getting out of the quota quagmire
Aradhna Aggarwal: De-industrialisation has set in
SonalDe Desai: Healthcare needs a booster dose
SonalDe Desai: The great Indian poverty game
SonalDe Desai: Sons of the soil
SonalDe Desai:"Indian think tanks: time to look within"
Shashanka Bhide: Making new farm technologies work
Shashanka Bhide: Food inflationis a structural problem
Bornali Bhandari: The Road to Safety
Shashanka Bhide: The 'demand' side of agriculture
Sonalde Desai: Make Graduates Employable
Shashanka Bhide: Gains from farm mechanisation
Shashanka Bhide: Effects of higher farm support prices
Geethanjali Nataraj: Declining FDI inflows- Few reasons
Shashanka Bhide: Regional disparities in farm productivity
Shekhar Shah: "Asia’s challenge: rebuilding the global economic order in a generation"
Rajesh Shukla:Don’t Blame Microfinance
Shashanka Bhide: Making Farm Markets Deliver
Rajesh Shukla: Just what is poverty, really?
Rajesh Shukla: Data creates confusion in the question of poverty
Rajesh Shukla: Village market is a decade behind the urban market
Sonalde Desai: Universal PDS can Fix Malnutrition
Rajesh Shukla: Changing Consumption Basket
Abusaleh Shariff: Dysfunctional on the Dispossessed
Shashanka Bhide: Farming and Industrial Slowdown
Rajesh Shukla: Increasing political ambitions of the middle class
Shashanka Bhide: Land Use Trends in Farm Sector
Rajesh Shukla: Strategist Anna Mobilised Aspirers
Rajesh Shukla & Poonam Munjal: HOLIDAY FOR MR. YOUNG
Rajesh Shukla: IPI: Index of Safety and Betterment
Shashanka Bhide: Drought and food security options
Rajesh Shukla: Inequality Breeds Revolt of the Middle
Shashanka Bhide: Towards reducing fertiliser subsidy
Rajesh Shukla: High School Standards = High Growth
Shashanka Bhide: Agri Markets and Small Farmers
Rajesh Shukla: Income Inequality has increased after 12 years of Economic Reform
Rajesh Shukla: Price rise and the development can go together
Rajesh Shukla: Beyond Poverty of Estimates
Shashanka Bhide: All Eyes on Kharif Prospects
SonalDe Desai: Dividing the Dividend: Women at Disadvantage
Rajesh Shukla: Youth are capable of speeding up the economic development
Shashanka Bhide: Ensuring cleaner, safer food
Rajesh Shukla: Living in India
Bornali Bhandari & Rumki Majumdar: Inflation over the decades
Rajesh Shukla: e-governance in education
Shashanka Bhide: Weak links in farm policy
Rajesh Shukla: Books are Youth's Best Friend
Shashanka Bhide: Blueprint for next farm revolution
Rajesh Shukla: Mobile Phone Charges GDP Growth
G Nataraj & A Tandon: China 's Changing Export Structure: A Factor-Based Analysis
Geethanjali Nataraj: The cost of regional pacts
Rajesh Shukla & Ishan Bakshi: Wage inequality in India
Rajesh Shukla: Difficult to get Market like India
Hiren Sarkar & Anushree Sinha: End-use data famine hits microcredit
Sonalde Desai & Amaresh Dubey: Caste in 21st Century India: Competing Narratives
Suman Bery: The fund of the future
Shashanka Bhide: The nutri-cereal challenge
Rajesh Shukla: Difficult to get MFI alternative
Rajesh Shukla: Growth Did Filter Down to the Poor
Rajesh Chadha: Budget has big promises to keep
Shashanka Bhide: Slow agri growth a cause of concern
Shashanka Bhide: Food output: Demand-supply paradigm
Rajesh Shukla: Don’t malign the MFIs
Shashanka Bhide: Budget and farm sector issues
Rajesh Shukla: The rising inequality among consumers is dangerous
Rajesh Shukla: Census weaves rich handloom data
Vittal & Shukla: Inflation will crush middle class
Bornali & Dutta: Macho madness on Delhi’s roads
Jatinder S Bedi, Radheshyam Verma: State of Fabric Producing Units in India
Suman Bery: Revisiting Reserves
Rajesh Shukla: Addressing income distribution
Bhide: Dealing with food price shocks
Rajesh Shukla: Unfulfilled education aspiration
Rajesh Shukla: Growth Vs Caring
Rajesh Shukla: Income inequality can spell trouble
Bhide: Constraint of small farm size
Rajesh Shukla: Young, employed and unhappy?
Bhide: Ways to take farming forward
Suman Bery: Taking think tanks seriously
Rajesh Shukla: Usage of mass media by youth
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Dr. Anil K. Sharma selected as NABARD Chair
Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's speech on the occasion of laying the foundation stone of NCAER's building in the year 1959.
India Policy Forum 2011(Programme and Papers)
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